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The Cosmic Connection Retreat

17th- 21st October 2023


My desire is to create a safe space for all of you cosmic goddess to explore and learn about your own soul connections to yourself. 

Throughout the retreat I aim of helping you feel relaxed, stress-free, and rejuvenated. We understand the importance of taking a break from the daily hustle and reconnecting with yourself, and that's why we've created a space where you can do just that. With activities like Reiki, yoga, private card reading, Cacao ceremony, sound bathing meditation, Moon ceremony, and self-discovery workshops exploring all the different beaches, and free time for relaxation, our retreat is designed to help you achieve ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and to work on ourselves through growth mindset and self-discovery.

You'll also have the opportunity to meet new people who may become lifelong friends.

Join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Retreat Location


Location of the retreat is in a rural village called Centieira, Padern. This place has a magical feel, and felt this,  as soon as I stepped onto the grounds. We are defiantly in the realms of nature to be able to express yourself freely and soak up the healing energy of the sun. 

Spiritual Connection Lodge 

The third eye Lodge ‘The Woody 38’ is the most popular model on the market and is based on a classic African lodge tent with a robust wooden frame and canvas walls. 

Total surface: 54 m²

Inner tent dimension: 7 x 5.4 m (38 m²)

Guest: 4-5 sleeps

Bedrooms: 2

Bathroom: Fully fitted 3 piece bathroom suite inclusive of luxury Rain Shower.

Full Kitchen: Inclusive of Fridge / Freezer, Electric Induction Hob and all Crockery and Cutlery is provided.

At the front of both Lodges you will find ample dining space for you to relax and unwind..

Retreat in Algarve

Fully Booked

Heart to Heart Chalet

The Chalet is located close to the swimming pool. Internally the chalet benefits from air conditioning, it has 2 bedrooms.  Master bedroom has a double bed and the second bedroom has 2 x single beds.


There is also a small room which has been cleverly converted into a unique surround sound cinema with 2 x reclining chairs and smart TV with Full Sky Package and Wi fi signal through out allowing perfect setting for private meditation. The lounge and open plan kitchen benefit from washing machine, electric hob and microwave oven, also befitting from double doors out onto the garden area.

The garden area In front of the Chalet is AstroTurf with a wrought iron dining table and chairs,perfect for a picnic and ideally located close to the pool area,

Empowerment Lodge

The empowerment lodge has been designed to provide you with ultimate luxury, very spacious with a lounge with pellet burner for any cooler evenings, full size dining room and open plan kitchen.

The lounge has a 55’’ TV with the full Media package, 2 bedrooms both with mood lighting operated by a remote control, the main double bedroom has a double bed and the second bedroom benefits from 2 x bunk beds. Large bathroom with rain shower and mood lighting with the option to play music by connecting to the in built speaker from your smart phone. 

The outside garden area benefits from a large wrap around terrace leading down to a luxury jacuzzi/hot tub area and a private BBQ area with additional outside dining furniture. 


white room.jpg

Are you ready for the ultimate spiritual experience?
This retreat will bring you the best and most memorable experience in your life!
The venue has been created specifically to create ever lasting memories.
You will find your true desires and soul connection. 

Experiencing the most magical time claiming back your power and gaining confidence in all areas of your life!

Our workshops will empower you with lots of different techniques to take away with you, providing you with the ongoing ability to benefit from continuing the techniques in your own time and space.

This is time to relinquish any trauma or any experiences you maybe holding on too. It is time to let it go and do some healing work.

No matter what stage you are at in life, you maybe just feeling a little stressed or simply just want some time to take a break and focus on yourself. 

Our all-inclusive Retreat will certainly give you an memorable stress free healing experience!

Are you ready to unleash the goddess in you?

9:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Setting intention for the day and Oracle Cards

11am -Midday - Letting Go Yoga

1:00pm - Social Lunch

2:00pm-3:00pm - Free time/Explore the magical surroundings at Casa Branca 

3:00pm-6:00pm - Cacao Ceremony
7:00pm - Dinner

8:00pm - Sharing Circle, gratefulness, positive affirmations 


Sample Day Schedule

    - Reiki Sessions by Nicola
    - Yoga by Nikki
    - Cacao Ceremony by Danielle
    - Nia Dancing by Katja
    - Tarot Card Workshop by              Michelle and Nicola 
    - Chakra Workshop
    - Time by the ocean, letting go        of the Negative Workshop
    - Meditations
    - Free Time
    - Connection Workshops
    - Spiritual connections using            nature
    - Transformational Sessions
     and lots lots more..........


The Retreat is for you if....

-You are READY to start working on yourself and want to start CLAIMING back your power?

-You are ready to deepen your SOUL and CONNECT to the DIVINE, and remember your profound worthiness.

-You connected to MOTHER EARTH and want to UNLEASH what no longer serves YOU

-You desire to deepen your connection to your  Highest Self, and support them standing strong in your daily life.

You are ready to let go of the Trauma and want to HEAL.

-You’ve been yearning for community with like-minded people.

- You need a few days away to feel calm and STRESS FREE.

-You are ready to work with the GODDESS within YOU!


-A new sense of confidence, empowerment, and liberation from limitation.
Knowing where you want to be in life and how to move forwards
Feeling refreshed, relaxed  and stress free.
A new community-YOUR tribe.
-Clearer communication, and so many tools to bring home with you to enha
nce your life.
How to incorporate BOUNDARIES, TRUST YOURSELF, SELF CARE to create a better life.
Learning to be in the PRESENT, GROUNDED and CONNECTED to EARTH!
Letting go of FEAR and the STORIES we tell ourselves.



You will leave this Retreat with....

Meet the Team

Here are your teachers for the whole Retreat

Your Host

Nicola Keel 


Nicola who is leading the retreats is experienced in Reiki, Meditations, Moon Rituals, and Self-discovery coaching. With a deep understanding of healing and spiritual coaching, holistic healing and spiritual practice's. Nicola guides individuals  on a transformational journey of self-discovery and empowerment, Leading and participating in a inward journeys of mindfulness and self-reflection and fostering a deeper connection with the present. Guiding individuals and providing them with the ability to harness the energy of the lunar cycles, creating spaces for moon rituals where individuals can release, manifest, and connect with their inner wisdom. Nicola's insightful coaching techniques supports individuals to unlocking their true potential, enabling them to embrace their authenticity and live a life aligned with their purpose.

Medium, Tarot Card Reader and Chakra Ascendant Facilitator 



Michelle is an experienced Medium, Reader and Chakra Ascendant with her intuitive abilities and deep connection to the spiritual world, Michelle has become a trusted guide for those who seek clarity and guidance in their lives. Michelle's aim to help and teach people, sharing all of her knowledge that has helped her and many others. Her passion for medium card reading chakra ascendant shines through, as she delicately guides individual towards a deeper understanding of themselves  and the world around them. Michelle creates a safe and nuturing space for individuals to explore their inner thoughts and emotions, Empowering others to unlock their full potential and embrace a more balanced lifestyle. 

Yoga Teacher



Nikki is an experience 500 hour and E RYT 200 yoga teacher whose mission is to assist others in pursuit of transformational, healing, strength, mobile body and personal growth with a compassionate and warm teaching style, creating a safe space for students to explore their potential through various yoga poses, breathwork, and meditations. Nikki aims to empower individuals to cultivate self-awareness and balance inner harmony, guiding them on a transformational journey towards unlocking their true potential and experiencing the profound benefits of yoga.

Cacao Ceremony Leader



Led by experienced and nurturing facilitator, Danielle. Danielle is a teacher of spiritual arts, from Yoga, Crystal Therapy, Charkra Alignment, to Astrology and the Celtic wheel of the year. Danielle is also a Crystal bowl sound healing practitioner.  This special sound healing and Cacao ceremony takes place using Ceremonial grade, raw cacao from Guatemala. This plant medicine is such a gentle yet profound heart opener. It enhances your senses, your extra sensory perception and sharpens your focus and mental stamina. Enjoying the heart of healing and expansion of depth ceremony with the magic of Cacao Spirit and honoring  the Celestail and Elemental waves that enrich our lives. , an astrologer, yoga and meditation guide and sound healing space holder.  

Danielle invites you into a healing head space of personal growth and unforgettable moments to soothe your soul. Each ceremony is unique and based on the energy of the moment, including a mix of rituals, astrology insight, divination group sharing and guided journeys that welcome you to embark on a soulful journey connecting yourself, others and the loving spirit of the cacao plant. 

Nia Dance Teacher

Katja Susanna K


Katja will be 58 years old in October 2023, and is an experienced Nia black belt teacher practicing since 2019 and has been teaching general dance since 2015. Nia dance is combining dance, dance martial arts and mindfulness, toning your body whilst transforming your mind. We believe every person can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance an individuals potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to our bodies.

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