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I am Nicola and I am Reiki Level 2 practitioner who created Keelhealings on facebook because I wanted to create a group where people can express themselves openly and feel safe when doing so. This is the result of my own life. I have overcome some really tough life challenges, and made me the person I have desired to be, confident, manifesting my life with being in control of my life and succeeding into an entrepreneur.

I was in an abusive relationship mentally and physically. In the end, I got out of the relationship and got some help and worked on myself massively.  I developed PTSD, which is really hard to work with. However, I was not going to let it defeat me and I did my utmost to understand it and work through it. Throughout my research, I have learned ways to manage mental health, i.e. negative thoughts, self belief patterns and triggers. I used lots of different therapies, including Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Law of Attraction to create the life I desire.

That's right,  I want to help you to create your life that you have desire by using my manifestion course. Four simples steps to get the life you have desire.  Through my findings and what has worked for me, we’ll use manifestation and the law of attraction.  This course is designed to be customized for you and your developmental needs and desires.

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