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7 - 11 April 2023 (5 days)


11-18 October 2023 (7 days)

Welcome to Reiki & Yoga retreat in sunny Portugal - a transformative experience regardless of previous practice.  Join us as we dive deep and immerse ourselves in mindfulness, healing, and self-discovery.

This retreat will be a gathering of like-minded women, as we come together to support and empower one another to become the best versions of ourselves. 


Enjoy daily yoga & meditation sessions, experience the true power of Reiki healing, get a deeper understanding of manifestations and chakras, and feel supported on your spiritual journey. 

We will also be offering a range of self- development workshops, Nia dance, Moon rituals, sharing circles, and nourishing and nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals.  Plus your own time to relax and enjoy the beautiful and healing surroundings of the Algarve.


Learn the importance of movement, mindfulness and daily rituals to kickstart your days right and manifest the life you desire!


Albufeira, Portugal


Reiki Healing

Heal yourself with a powerful system of reiki on physical, emotional and mental and spiritual level


Start the day with a dose of gentle movement to awaken the body. Create a balance in your physical body to find a spiritual balance

Guided meditations

Discover your deepest emotions and desires while in a fully relaxed meditative state

Moon Rituals
Nia Dance

Working with the energies of the moon for a deeper understanding and reflection of our emotional triggers 

Nia workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to energize and enliven well-being in 60 minutes - body, mind, emotion, and spirit.


Cooking night, Sunset and sunrise walks, Sharing and development circles, Self-Love and Self-critic Workshops

Nutritious plant-based food
Tarot readings
Accomodation in a villa

6-bedroom villa with a pool with amazing outdoor spaces and 3 nutritious vegan and vegetarian meals per day

3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day
Learn more about the importance of right nutrition on your spiritual journey

Receive guidance from the spirits and angels in s 1:1 tarot reading


We chose a beautiful villa with a private pool and a big outdoor area for our retreat in a secluded part of Albufeira. Furnished with fully-equipped kitchen, 5 bathrooms, barbeque lounge area, and a private patio. A large garden gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves fully into Spiritual healing.

Your stay includes a private or shared room, and 3 nutritious meals per day. Any special requirements? Tell us about it and we will make sure we meet your needs.

All the amenities, bedsheets and towels are included.


Albufeira is a picturesque town in Algarve, South Portugal with a warm climate and people. Its natural cliffs amaze with its beauty and calmness.

Our villa is within a walking distance of the nearest supermarket and the ocean.


In your free time, you might want to explore Albufeira´s Old Town, known for its fishermans´history and nightlife.

The villa´s location gives a magnificent view of the Atlantic for you to relax and enjoy fully!

How to reach us?

-nearest airport Faro International airport - 30 km

- bus station  - 6 km

- railway station - 7 km

We can organise the pick-up and drop-off for you. Message us for more info.





Reiki Level 2 practitioner

Energy Healer

 Manifestation Coach

Mental health advocate 



500HR Yoga teacher

Personal coach

Mobility and movement expert


Rachel Taylor

I recently completed a programme with Nicola, which has helped me to be able to think about how to heal myself and move forwards with my life. Nicola is a good listener and has given me clear understanding on how to identify toxic relationships and the importance of establishing boundaries in relationships which will help me in the future.

Melanie Fell

The yoga lessons with Katarina are just great. She also manages to get everything across really well, even to the people like me, who were not really fond of yoga.  With their help I was not only able to improve my posture and flexibility enormously, I was also able to discover my enthusiasm for yoga. It is always a pleasure, thank you Kat!

Sarah Banks

I first met Nicola at a women's retreat where she provided reiki treatments and card readings. This was a great part of the weekend and I loved her insights after treating me. When I had a breakdown a couple of months later I went back for a further treatment, Nicola was really understanding of my situation and the treatment topped me up and made me feel like I could carry on again. She is great at helping you find balance in the difficult situations and I hope to be able to have further treatments in the future.
DAN review.jpg

Dan Ruth

When life gives you lemons “make lemonade” they say, what about when life gives you stress and depression? Well that’s what happened to me, when the doctors just wanted to prescribe something rather try to fix me.

That’s where Cat and her hypnotherapy came in. I had 11 sessions and each time I could feel myself getting better, we didn’t discuss anything that was negative we just spoke about the positives and when you think there isn’t any well i filled the box every week. Cat is very professional, caring and most of all she wants to help. She taught me to take small steps every week and in the end you’ll be there.

I often say “Cat you saved my life” she is certainly my guiding light, and I cannot say thank you enough


Shirley Wellington

Hi some years ago I was going through a very bad time in my life , I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Cat which was beneficial to me at that time confidential and professional service , honestly got me through some dark days.

Maja Kovac

 I had a problem with my back. Because I sit a lot at my workplace, I had pain and a problem with mobility and flexibility.


After first Katarina´s Yoga for beginners, I felt better and more flexible. Some exercises were easy for me and some harder, but I knew that with practising it, it will become easier, and I will feel fewer pain issues.

I would totally recommend Katarina’s approach and her yoga classes.  But I knew it would be possible with time and practice. I learned some new movements, and after the training felt less back shoulder, and neck pain and much more flexible. 


My advice is to start with yoga as soon as possible. If you are satisfied with your body, you are generally happier and more confident. Katarina is a great coach and motivator and will help you achieve your goals. 

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