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Purple Glow

Harnessing the Power 
of the Moon

A free webinar on how to use the moon energies for manifestation!

Join us as we dive deep into the energies of the moon, showing you how you can use the moon  energies to help you manifest your desires into reality. 

Everything in the universe is energy, including you and we are all connected. The moon is a powerful energy, which is strong enough to control our tides and effects out emotions.

As you learn to harness the energies of the moon and understand the impact this has on your emotional wellbeing, you will soon become the creator and manifesting will become part of your every day life. 

Are you ready to take your power back?

Gain control over your emotions and manifest the Life you Desire?

Come to our FREE Live. Simply Sign up to the event to get your FREE manifesting booklet
New Moon in Aries
20 Mar, 19:30
Online Event

You will get........

Weekly guide on how to manifest with the moon cycles

Members group where updated info about the different phases of the moon and manifestations

Reiki and grounding info

Self-healing sessions

On going Guided meditations

Tarot Card Reading 

Goal setting manifestation booklet

Uncovering our Subconscious Beliefs

Consciously turning our negative chatter into positive talk every minutes of the day

Two live coaching sessions a month 


Learn about each Zodiac sign 



Recording of our Rituals for the last 10 months.

Moon Manifestation Programme
Do you feel strange around the full moon?
Do you want to take back control of your emotions?
Let's invest in some me time and take control of your emotions
Are you spiritual and want to explore more?

12 months on diving deep and find out our soul calling.
Most of all taking back our emotions


A clear path on how to smashed through our limited beliefs, doubts and fears and make our desires and dreams come true.  Discovering our passion and true heart calling. 

Awareness and Accountability

We give 24/7 support to you  because we care and guide you into to taking accountability

for your own emotions and bring back your power. 

We are family

We are a spiritual community and we are here for each other. We meet twice a month and if you are having difficulties in the week reach out to us, more you open up, more we can help with those triggers, self-critics, self-belief and sabotaging.
We care!

Taking back your power......

After 12 months of the Moon Manifestation programme you will feel completing in control of your own emotions.

You will learn how to harness the power of the moon cycles and stay on top of your manifestations.

You will learn about the 8 phases of the moon and start to use them in your daily routine consistently. 

You will learn about your self inside and out and how to stop that self- sabotaging, and that " I can't do it."

You will learn about the different moon signs and how if may effect your behaviour and emotions

Vision how you want to be in 12 months time, right now, and how it feels and what it looks like. 

It is an amazing feeling.