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Mastermind Desire Free 3 Day Programme

3 Day Free Webinar on How to create the Life You Desire through

Our Mastermind Desire Programme combines Spiritual Coaching with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to support you to achieve the life you desire.


Presented Nicola Keel,
Founder & CEO at keelhealings Cat Stacey, Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Cat is an experienced Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Mental Health Professional, who will help you to break free from limiting subconscious self-beliefs and behavioural patterns. Cat will also explain to you the neuroscience of what is happening in your brain, which will help you to regain control of your life and to become the best version of yourself.


Nicola is a Spiritual Coach, who will help you to identify your triggers, traumas and limiting beliefs through a variety of spiritual healing methods, including reiki and mindfulness practice. These techniques will support you to work through past issues and support you to make new and healthy core beliefs, resulting in you feeling uplifted and motivated towards achieving your goals and desires.

New Moon in Aries
New Moon in Aries
20 Mar 2023, 19:30 – 20:10
Online Event
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When life gives you lemons “make lemonade” they say, what about when life gives you stress and depression? Well that’s what happened to me, when the doctors just wanted to prescribe something rather try to fix me.

That’s where Cat and her hypnotherapy came in. I had 11 sessions and each time I could feel myself getting better, we didn’t discuss anything that was negative we just spoke about the positives and when you think there isn’t any well i filled the box every week. Cat is very professional, caring and most of all she wants to help. She taught me to take small steps every week and in the end you’ll be there.

I often say “Cat you saved my life” she is certainly my guiding light, and I cannot say thank you enough.



Hi some years ago I was going through a very bad time in my life , I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Cat which was beneficial to me at that time confidential and professional service , honestly got me through some dark days.



Nicola is absolutely amazing! Such a beautiful soul that radiates light and joy! Her Life you Desire sessions really put you in touch with your emotional, spiritual, and mental well being. She provides tools, techniques, and exercises to get you to your best self. I highly recommend Keelhealings with Nicola!!

What to expect over the three sessions

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