4 Tips you are in a Healthy Relationship

Sometimes we get a bit side track and not knowing what a healthy relationship is. So I have put together some tips for people to help them. I hope this makes sense for you.

Communication is the key, to is good to talk and get things of our chest, if we do not calmly express how we feel then it will boil up inside and then we end up expressing it in a aggressive manner.

Views and opinions- it doesn't matter if you don't agree, you are allowed to have a different point of view from each other. That is what makes us different. We should be able to feel comfortable in voicing out views and opinions. We should be able to be ourselves.

Respecting boundaries is a big one. If someone does not respect the boundaries of yourself that is a major red flag. Again it is about listening to each other.

Taking time to get to know someone you can see how they are in different circumstances and how they act and behave.

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