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Full Moon Manifestation programme

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We are a little family who meet up twice a month on the Full Moon and the New Moon. During these sessions I will go through the phases of the moon cycle to help you understand your emotions around the moon cycles. In order for you to shine like the moon and be at your best, to be full and powerful, you simply have to take that time out. So here we have it, our very own manifestation group. I have designed this group to help you to give yourself a break from that busy life that we lead. Sometimes people forget about ME time. Or if you are trying to heal from a trauma and you keep being triggered we also carry out ceremonies, chakra balancing and self-healing sessions to help us to let go of our Limited Beliefs and make new core beliefs that suits you in this moment in time. Each session there is a manifestation booklet and extra work depending on the session. I record each sessions and put it on here, so if you are not available you get to access it on here. Also if you get stuck I am here to message anytime through the app.

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Moon Manifestation Programme

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